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Dominus Claymore, Side fire RTA
Dominus Claymore, Side fire RTA

Dominus Claymore, Side fire RTA

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Part Number:3000-3

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Salt Nic Conversioin
Airflow Jet & Chimney Top [+$10.00]
The Dominus Claymore, a collection of side fire button, Hilt 18650 battery tube and Claymore RTA.

Body construction SS
Copper conductive internals
Ultem Tank

See Side Fide, Hilt and Claymore sold individually for additional details.

Recommended for advanced users.
5 Stars
The Best.
I've never owned another piece of machinery this reliable and durable. And I specifically mean to say machinery instead of vaporizer because while this is one helluva vape, the quality of build and thought behind the design places this device in a category of, as I said, durability and reliability that normally belongs to industrial machinery. Now that I'm done gushing, on to the story... Tragically enough, while enjoying my Dominus R1 on the couch one evening, I nodded off to the television. Aand I awoke to a horrifyingly familiar smell... (some of you already know where this is going) I jump up, and pull my Dominus-in-distress from the clutches of the couch cushion by the delrin tip(yeah mine's an OG black tip), only to find that my finger is able to leave an imprint into the boiling hot plastic as I pull it up. Reflexively I pull my off-hand into my jacket sleeve and catch the falling blaze in my covered palm, I run out the door to place my Aspire 1800mAh ICR in the front yard to vent in peace, and put the mod down, distraught and exhausted, and go to bed... fast forward, the next morning. I get up, clean up the disaster, dispose of the battery, and as I'm cleaning the remains of the dominus, I notice that aside from the deformed (and now permanently attached) drip-tip and the discolored 6mL ultem tank section, the mod seemed to be unscathed, even down to the PEEK Insulators. As I write this, I drag casually on my now re-built and damn near immortal piece of work from Dominus Mods. Thank you for your talents, sir.
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Reviewed by:  from Gainesville. on 3/21/2018